The Archer

Stanwell School Newspaper

This webiste is the homepage of The Archer, produced within the walls of Stanwell School.

While we try to have high-quality content, this is run by students. As the technician, I do my best to maintain the website, but its difficult and time consuming.

The Top Crew

Benjamin Evans

Ben is the clown who runs the town. He doesn't know when to stop because he can't.

Jamie Locke-Jones

Responsible for the editing and heavy lifting in the team, Jamie is an 'indispensable' member of the DK crew.

Arron Speake

Arron is the man who develops and maintains the website. He's written one article. Loser.

Jordan Speake

There isn't anyone called Jordan Speake in the Stanwell Newspaper Committee.


We don't have all of the photos, or the permission of the writers yet. So I'm not putting anyone up.